Areas of Practice

Family Law

All families and marriages are unique, so there is no such thing as a typical legal issue. Texas attorney Tempie T. Hutton-Francis understands this and takes the time to listen to each client during initial consultation. This FREE CONSULTATION helps Tempie get a full understanding of your particular circumstance. Only then does Tempie advise you of your legal options and suggest the best course of action to resolve your family issues.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the family law issues the Law Office of Tempie T. Hutton-Francis handles:

Prenuptuial and Post Nuptual Agreements

Whether you are planning to get married or things become complicated during the marriage, agreements about your assets might be a solution for you. Make an appointment and bring a list of your property. Sit down and explain to Tempie what you want to accomplish and she can show you your options.

Uncontested Divorce

You can get along but you just can stay married. Maybe you have decided it’s time for a divorce. There are some options for you at the Law Office of Tempie T. Hutton-Francis. You will have to pay a filing fee in the county where you reside unless you qualify financially for the judge to waive your fees. Besides a filing fee there is the cost to have the other party served with the divorce petition. However, this fee can be zero ($0.00) if your spouse and you are getting along and they sign a waiver of service. Basically the waiver says they were given a copy of the filed petition and they don’t need the sheriff or other person serve them in person at work or home. The final document the two of you work through is the Final Decree of Divorce. You wait at least 60 days and then at least one of you goes to court and the judge hears what is often referred to as a “Prove Up”.

Contested Divorce

Many times when the marriage falls apart the love and cooperation is gone. Arguments begin and they continue throughout the divorce process. Tempie can do several things for you during this time. First, she can file the necessary papers to begin your divorce similar the an uncontested divorce. Usually there are additional requests that the court enter orders during the waiting period like temporary use of the property, visitation with the children, child support, health insurance, debt payments and protection for you and your children if you need it. Tempie will be available to your everyday throughout the process if there is an emergency. She will go to court with you and help you along the entire way.

Modification Conservatorship, Visitation and Child Support

Children need their parents unless there is a harmful behavior or other circumstance. The State of Texas has passed laws setting forth “Standard Visitation”. But, these don’t always work where a parent drinks or abuses drugs, has a new person they are dating who hits your child or they no longer pay child support. Each one of the cases involves children and the standard is what is in the best interest of the child or children. Call Tempie and tell her all the facts. She will guide you to your best legal solution.