Areas of Practice

Estate Planning and Probate

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Last Will and Testament

Your Will is the last time you can have a say how your property is divided. If you want to take care of a spouse or a child in a certain way with your assets you must set it out in writing, have two witnesses and notarized. You can give special gifts, set up trusts and name your Executor. Tempie can go through your options during your free consultation.

Probate of the Estate

Probably the most expensive of the options to probate your Will but sometimes it is necessary. It is also the most time consuming with the Court being more involved. Tempie can file your application to probate and help you do your annual accounting and other documents you must file. She will also discuss if the Will you are probating can be probated using a less intrusive and less expensive method.

Probate as a Muniment of Title

A much simpler way to probate a Will. You must meet certain criteria such as the amount and type of debts in the estate. The beauty of this type of probate is there is not a written filing of the estate and other property issues that are not searchable. The assets then can be immediately awarded to the person or persons named in the Will after an informal hearing. Tempie can more fully explain during your free consultation.