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Truly Amazed

I was truly amazed after talking to Tippie over the phone for the first time she was the first I have talked to that was different from the rest.And while it is clear that she really cares about her clients and is passionate about what she does!!!!  – Sherrie Schwab

God bless you

Tempie, answered my call and set up a meeting that same day to listen to my issue. Once I told her and showed her some information, it was all about my kids. The safety of my kids, the well-being of my kids, and ensuring that they not… – Ricardo S

Tempie Cares

We were drawn to Tempie’s honesty and passion for what is best for a child. Tempie spent 3 hours attempting to reason, signing over rights with someone who was not mentally stable, unpredictable, and dangerous. She told me that the only thing that … – Jodi Jolly