Areas of Practice

Business Law

Corporation Formation

Many times it is to your advantage if you have a business to have it work under the name of a corporation. Tempie can visit with you and get your corporation documents drafted and filed with the State of Texas.

Contracts, Negotiation and Mediation

Every business has some form of contractual obligations whether it is supplying a good or service. Tempie can help you draft a written contract to protect your company. She can also work with your business and other business to negotiate terms and conditions for your contracts. Tempie is an experienced mediator. Mediation is an excellent tool to avoid litigation and the expense related to a lawsuit as well as preserve a relationship your business may need to retain for future success. Contracts can include everything from goods to be delivered from a vendor, lease arrangements for equipment, agricultural agreements for hunting leases, land for crop production or cattle grazing. Tempie is experienced in all of these areas. Contact her for a free consultation to discuss a review or your current contract or to have her draft a contract for a new business arrangement.