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I was truly amazed after talking to Tempie over the phone for the first time she was the first I have talked to that was different from the rest. And while it is clear that she really cares about her clients and is passionate about what she does!  - Sherrie Schwab

God bless you

Tempie answered my call and set up a meeting that same day to listen to my issue. Once I told her and showed her some information, it was all about my kids. The safety of my kids, the well-being of my kids, and ensuring that they not... - Ricardo S

Tempie Cares

We were drawn to Tempie's honesty and passion for what is best for a child. Tempie spent 3 hours attempting to reason, signing over rights with someone who was not mentally stable, unpredictable, and dangerous. She told me that the only thing that ... - Jodi Jolly

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Family Law

Tempie Hutton is a proven family law attorney and has helped hundreds of people through complicated and emotional issues including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, divorces, conservatorship, custody, and child support. Learn more >

Estate Planning

Planning for your family and interests after your death is important.  It will dictate your desires and keep peace with those you leave behind.  Tempie can help you plan every aspect of your life to the finest detail. Learn more >

Business Law

Forming your business correctly can save you a mountain of trouble down the road.  From corporation formation to contracts, negotiations, and mediations, Tempie can help you get it done right the first time.  Learn more >

Real Estate Planning

Your home and property are often the largest assets you will hold.  Tempie can help you plan the purchase and management of your real estate to maximize your investment.  Learn More >

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